"A very inspiring and caring teacher... Our son progressed tremendously"

- Yu J.


Private Piano Lessons

For younger students, frequent half-hour or 45-minute sessions are recommended for technical reinforcement. As students progress in age and level, hour or 1.5 hour sessions better accommodate longer pieces of music and more detailed discussion. Contact us today to book a trial lesson!


Studio Classes

Studio Classes separated by age group are offered periodically as an informal way to build performance experience. Positive feedback is encouraged, and students are exposed to a wide range of piano repertoire in the process.

Steinway hall, Manhattan

Steinway hall, Manhattan

Studio Recitals

The studio presents separate recitals for children and adults. Participation is voluntary, but encouraged for all ages. Advanced pianists are offered the opportunity to perform at the world-famous Steinway Hall in New York.


"We were very lucky to have in Alex a very inspiring and caring teacher who taught our son for two years, from the age of five. Alex was extremely good and patient with young children, keeping our son interested and engaged. He built very good rapport, and was firm when required. He had a very systematic approach to the teaching, ranging from ear training, sight reading and even to singing.  He also went beyond piano, teaching and encouraging our son dealing with challenges and setbacks. Our son progressed tremendously under Alex."

- Yu J., New York, NY

"Alex combines a thoughtful, student-first teaching approach with a deep technical understanding of piano and a broad range of musical talent. He is a great instructor. Highly recommended!"

- Jonathan R., New York, NY

"Alex is an amazing piano teacher and a gifted musician. Although my son, David studied with him for less than a year, Alex succeeded in bringing my son’s musicality to a whole other level. Alex increased David’s knowledge of music and motivated him to become a dedicated student.  While Alex set the bar high for David, he relayed his expectations with his unique sense of humor so that he never felt pressured. One of the fringe benefits David received by studying with Alex is the wealth of music history that he gained. I enthusiastically recommend Alex to anyone interested in learning the piano."

- Deirdre W., NY

"Alex was able to prepare me for a demanding graduate level piano proficiency exam in only a few short weeks. With his methodical and hands-on approach to teaching, I was able to quickly learn and memorize the difficult exercises and pieces I had to perform. At the beginning of the experience I lacked the confidence that I would be able to complete this task in the time allotted, let alone perform in front of the piano faculty. Alex imbued me with the assurance needed to complete the task. I not only passed the piano proficiency, but was told by the piano faculty that they were extremely impressed by my skills and performance at the exam."

- Rebecca S., Washington, DC

"Alex is a great motivator. Apart from the skills and techniques, which he teaches so well, he instilled in me a great understanding of each piece I played."

- Yusuke S., New York, NY

"Alex has been teaching my ten-year old son as part of the MSM Sunday program. Alex is a wonderful piano teacher- he is very systematic in his approach and has extremely high musical standards. But Alex is also very patient, and brings a sense of fun and challenge to the lessons that makes my son want to practice! Alex works with you, to take you to whatever level you want to reach. I can thoroughly recommend Alex as a terrific piano teacher."

- Michelle L., New York, NY

"Alex is very professional and personable. He also is very diligent in providing history, theory and paying attention to the details."

- Patrick S., NJ