"Alex's lessons are truly fabulous -- they are always filled with lots of energy and most importantly they are FUN! After 5 lessons I can hear a genuine improvement..."

- Joshua S.


Private Vocal Coaching

Private sessions provide one-on-one feedback and guaranteed results. Any style of music or level of ability is welcome.

Sheet Music and Audition Cuts

Complimentary digital copies from our extensive sheet music collection and professionally arranged audition cuts are included in your lesson fee.

Backing Tracks and Accompaniment

Professional backing tracks for audition, practice or recording purposes are available at no additional charge.


"In such a short space of time, Alex has completely transformed my voice. I find his technical knowledge to be first rate and his ability to apply various techniques to suit the nuances of my voice is what makes him unique; every lesson is a breakthrough! He creates a safe environment to explore the full spectrum of one's vocal talents and pushes his students to connect emotionally with the characters they are portraying. Studying with Alex is rewarding on so many levels and his preparation of the professional is absolutely second to none."

- Christopher Houston, Director/Dancer/Choreographer/Actor/Singer

Metropolitan Opera, Cirque du Soleil

West End Productions of CATS, MISS SAIGON

"Alex truly does wonders with my voice! He makes me work hard, but I can feel safe and confident in his classes which is very important to me. I am so thrilled and honored to work with such a talented man! He's simply unique, both as a teacher, mentor and person!"

- Christina Lein Stoermer, Actor/Singer


"Alex is such a wonderful and extremely talented vocal coach and pianist. Even from my first session I developed a stronger vocal technique from mix to belt, defined language skills and so many stylistically correct details in the world of musical theater. Not only is he a great teacher, but also an unique pianist to collaborate with. He helped me build my audition book, make it far in competitions and make me feel more comfortable as an artist. Thank you so much, Alex."

- Kim Wigaard Johansen, Actor/Singer


"Working with Alexander Crosett has been one of the greatest decisions of my life! He has been the greatest piano teacher, musicianship teacher, vocal coach, and mentor I have ever had. He helped me learn all the basics in a quick and efficient manner and made a better performer/musician in every sense of the word. Through his incredible teaching skills and his genuine care for his students, he advised me through my entire college process and worked with me until I was able to get into my dream school. Going to his lessons have been and will always be the highlights to my week."

- Lauren Marie Curet, Actor/Singer

Manhattan School of Music

"I truly value Alex as a teacher and coach. He has the unique ability to facilitate a relaxed and educational environment. Not only is Alex a skilled pianist, his vocal knowledge has helped me trust my voice again in a more free and relaxed way. Alex provides performance time for his students and is more than willing to do what he can for our success. Personally, he has taken time to help me build my musical theatre repertoire and has helped me learn the ins and outs of the musical theatre circuit. I highly recommend Alex for voice (and piano) lessons. Not only is he good for a good laugh, he takes the time to get to know his students and work toward their individual goals."

- Andy Boyle, Actor/Singer

"Alex is an incredible voice teacher. Not only did he help me with my technique, he helped me with my confidence. After working with him, my voice has never felt or sounded better. My confidence to get out and pursue more singing opportunities was through the roof because of him, his work, and his endless support. Every week, I looked forward to meeting with him and I would recommend him to anyone! He is the best and I adore him!"

- Hannah Hershman, Singer/Music Therapist

"Alex is a wonderful teacher - He is extremely patient and most importantly caring! He spends the right amount of time going over the detail, ensuring you are learning / absorbing the proper technique. You can tell immediately he is focused on making sure you achieve maximum potential without putting unnecesarry strain on your vocal chords. Alex's lessons are truly fabulous -- they are always filled with lots of energy and most importantly they are FUN! After 5 lessons I can hear a genuine improvement -- I can also start to self diagnose what I am doing wrong. His teaching is invaluable and I highly recommend him to all levels."

- Josh S.

"I am a beginner and also have music interests outside what most NYC students seem to want. Alex makes me feel at ease and tailors each lesson to me, not someone else and doesn't just use a formula. He is a true artist and teacher and I am sure he can dig up whatever needle in a haystack a student may be searching to find. He is extremely accomplished and professional and is also a pleasure to be around. I could not be happier with him for an instructor."

- Lorinda L.

“After every lesson, I felt challenged yet accomplished through Alex’s positive and encouraging attitude. His enthusiasm to teach is fueled by his passion to help students become the best they can be no matter what level they come in as. I have witnessed him teach all levels of singing with ease and watched his students improve in performance in piano and voice. I highly recommend having Alex as a teacher! I am so glad I found Alex as my voice teacher and I am sure you will find him to be an amazing teacher as well!"

- Jessica Dacpano, Singer

Winner: Downbeat Awards

"Taking voice lessons from Alex has felt right from day one. It is the single hour in my week where I can let go and have fun. He is able to make you feel very comfortable in experimenting all areas of your voice. He is beyond creative, which is why I'm always intrigued on what new techniques he will be teaching. It is honestly a joy to learn from someone so experienced and takes such pride and care with his students."

- Sean O.

"Alex prepared me to pull off a surprise during one of the biggest days of my life - singing to my husband at our wedding reception. I was incredibly nervous but Alex came highly recommended... I instantly felt comfortable and found chemistry with his personality and methods. Alex gave me the basics I needed to practice regularly in order to feel prepared for the surprise, but his laughter and personality helped reassure me that I could be comfortable pulling this surprise off. My husband was thrilled, my guests cried, I managed to sing in a corseted wedding gown and I'm so thankful I had Alex to get me there. I'd highly recommend him to anyone... he's incredibly talented, knowledgeable and equally wonderful to work with!"

- Rachel S.

"After interviewing several coaches, I was so happy to have found Alex. Not only does he have extensive knowledgeable of the voice, he is a lovely person, an amazing coach and motivator. Classes are always fun, encouraging and informative. Highly recommended for singers of all levels."

- Della L.